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We aim to proactively and continuously promote and educate the issue of children's safety to the public. Children are the future of our nation and they are "vulnerable'. They rely on adults to protect them from any form of harm including without limitation to kidnapping.

Hence, it is our hope that this little effort will be able to instill the continuous sense of safety for children among the public.

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Expedition to Mount Nanhu - Dedicated for MfMC

MfMC, championed by a group of mountain climbers had gone for an expedition to Mount Nanhu in Taiwan. The expedition from 3rd to 8th March 2013, which was dedicated for MfMC consist of 11 climbers, 2 of which were female.

Mount Nanhu, which is located within the Taroko National Park is one of the highest mountains in Taiwan, standing tall at 3,740m (12,270ft) above sea level. It is about 4.5 hours drive from Taipei. It is very famous among the local climbers but not so much among the foreigners. 

2 of our team members before boarding the airplane at KLIA with MfMC stickers

2 other team members before boarding at Changi Airport
This expedition, in line with our objective i.e. climb for a reason was used as a medium to promote MfMC to the world out there while we continue on our effort to increase the awareness level among the community on the importance of the safety of our children. This is simply because the issue of missing children is a global issue. Statistically, a total of 2,185 children gone missing daily in the US, in 2012 in average about 4 children went missing daily in Malaysia, more than 7000 children were missing in Taiwan in the first 6 months in 2012, while in 2011, an average of 182 children under the age of 12 were missing daily in Indonesia. Those are few statistics in few countries about missing children. That is scary!!! Hence our objective was to let people know first about MfMC with the hope that they will be interested to find out more about what MfMC is all about, hence the awareness level will rise.

While in Taiwan, we did little promotion among the locals. The hostel's operator, which we supposedly stayed in his hostel in Taiwan was excited with our mission. She asked for 3 MfMC's stickers to be pasted in her hostels in 3 different locations. Unfortunately, we did not manage to take picture of that as due to technical reason, we had to move to other hostel.

Our guide for the expedition, Wen Ting-Yi who had even "liked" our fb fan page while we were still in Malaysia was also excited about the mission that he wanted to understand more. Now, he posted a lot of our photos with MfMC stickers and flags in his facebook, which is accessible to 561 of his friends.

We bumped into local climbers on the mountain and took the opportunity to explain about MfMC. Apart from the explanation, they also took our photos with the MfMC flags. Again, we hope that would help us in promoting MfMC.

Explaining about MfMC to local climbers
In the meantime, during the expedition, we had unforgettable priceless, yet scary experience as we were hit by earthquakes 6 times as far as I can recall (but 12 times according to the report) with the strongest one was at the magnitude of 5.6 on the 5th day on the mountain. Praise be to Allah that we were not harmed. Everybody was safe.

For the rest of this posting, I will let the photos do the explanation.So, enjoy the photos.

Group photo before we start our day 1 trekking

The jungle

To Allah we submit ourselves

One of the water sources - near Yuling Cabin

At the peak of Nanhu East
On the way to Nanhu East
At the peak of Nanhu North
Waiting for sunset
Nanhu East
Marching...all in one line
From the Main Peak of Nanhu
Finally...at Main Peak Nanhu
One for the album...MfMC at the Main Peak Nanhu...Congratulations to all