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We aim to proactively and continuously promote and educate the issue of children's safety to the public. Children are the future of our nation and they are "vulnerable'. They rely on adults to protect them from any form of harm including without limitation to kidnapping.

Hence, it is our hope that this little effort will be able to instill the continuous sense of safety for children among the public.

Let's do this together. Help us to help others in creating the awareness. Spread the message to others. Prevention is better than cure.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Children Safety Tips - Tip #2

Be a more concerned society member.

If you see a child sitting in a car alone or walk alone or seems lost or if the child is in any situation that may pose danger to him/her, be a more concerned society member by going to the child. It will be good if you are able to start a conversation with the child but if you are not, do not walk away. Be with the child until his/her parents come to him/her or try to alert the authority. By that we mean to include security guard if that happens in a shopping mall. 

If the child is trapped in a car, alert the authority while pursuading the child to unlock the door. It is important to alert the authority so that your action will not be misunderstood by others. If the child refuses to unlock the door, do not walk away but stay there until his/her parents comes or the authority reaches the place. 

Your decision to stay/keep an eye on the child may save him/her as someone else may be watching and waiting to strike. That someone may be a child predator.

Lesson Not Learnt-Never Ever Leave Your Child in the Car Alone...Event for A Short Period of Time

On 22nd July, we read news report about a baby, Nawal Iris Samsudin who died of suffocation after being left in the car by her mother who attended her school meeting for 5 hours.

Today, just about a month after that tragic incident, we read another news report about a child who was left and locked in the car by her mother. Lucky for him that he was not sleeping (unlike baby Nawal) and was spotted by passers-by who alerted the fire and rescue team. He was saved by the rescue team.

At MfMC, we wonder why the mother in the recent case left her son in the car with the engine off and the door and windows locked. The mother might think that it was a hassle to bring her son along with her and therefore would be easier to just leave the poor boy in the car. If she were to let the engine running and on the air-condition, there is a high possibility that her car may be hijacked. One thing that she might have forgotten or overlooked was that her son might die of suffocation due to her negligence act.

Whatever the excuse is for her to do so, it is always unacceptable to leave the child in the car, albeit for a short period of time. People say that children are priceless and yet, there are parents out there who was more than willing to risks the safety of their child for their own convenience. As we said, whatever the reason is, it is not acceptable.

Now, let's think about having cash of RM20,000 in the car. Would anyone in the right frame of mind, leave the cash in their car unattended and viewable by others from outside the car? While the answer is obviously a big NO (let us know if you disagree), why would parents leave their kids alone in the car? Are they suggesting that their kids are of no value?

We are saddened by the continuous irresponsible act of some parents in this case. They are not many out there but every time they do such silly act, they are risking a life of a child who needs so much protection from their parents and that disturbed many of us.

So if it is such a hassle to bring your kids with you, leave them at home with someone who is capable to take care of them. If you decide to bring them with you, make sure that you do not leave them in the car. 

Many married couples out there who want to have children but they have none. So to those who have children, please appreciate that special gifts from Allah because not everyone is as lucky as you.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Children Safety Tips - Tips #1

When you are at crowded areas like shopping complex or carnival with your children, always pay attention to your children. If possible, always hold their hands. If that is not doable make sure that they are always within your sight. If you find it a hassle, leave them at home with someone who is capable to take care of them.

Remember this! If you do not pay attention to your children at crowded areas, someone else may and that someone else may be a child predators.

Better be safe than sorry.