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We aim to proactively and continuously promote and educate the issue of children's safety to the public. Children are the future of our nation and they are "vulnerable'. They rely on adults to protect them from any form of harm including without limitation to kidnapping.

Hence, it is our hope that this little effort will be able to instill the continuous sense of safety for children among the public.

Let's do this together. Help us to help others in creating the awareness. Spread the message to others. Prevention is better than cure.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Petisyen - Keselamatan Anak-anak Adalah Tanggungjawab Bersama

English translation is at the bottom

Di #MfMC, kami telah sepakat untuk membuat satu petisyen berkaitan dengan isu keselamatan kanak-kanak. Berpegang kepada tema "Dari Kita Kepada Kita Untuk Anak-anak Kita", petisyen ini bertujuan untuk terus menyedarkan ibubapa dan masyarakat bahawa keselamatan anak-anak adalah tanggungjawab kita bersama. Petisyen ini ditujukan kepada ibubapa dan masyarakat di luar sana dan bukan kepada mana-mana pertubuhan, organisasi mahupun kerajaan. 

Oleh itu, kami mahu mengumpul sebanyak mungkin tandatangan dan sokongan daripada semua orang untuk petisyen ini. Ini amat penting bagi kami bagi membuktikan kepada ibubapa dan masyarakat bahawa ramai di kalangan kita yang percaya keselamatan anak-anak adalah tanggungjawab ibubapa dan masyarakat sendiri dan bukannya tanggungjawab pemerintah dan pihak berkuasa. 

Oleh itu, kami menjemput anda semua di luar sana untuk menandatangani (secara online) petisyen kami ini.  Bagi yang telah menandatangani, kami mengucapkan terima kasih atas keprihatinan anda dan teruskan berkongsi petisyen ini dengan rakan-rakan dan ahli keluarga anda.

Untuk menandatangani dan menunjukkan keprihatinan anda, sila klik di sini

Petiton - Children's Safety is Our Mutual Responsibility

We at #MfMC has decided to make a petition on the issue of children's safety. Holding on the theme of "From Us To Us For Our Children", the petition  is meant to raise awareness among the parents and society members out there that children's safety is our mutual responsibility.  The petition is addressed to all parents and society members out there and not to any association or organisation or government.

Therefore, we aim to collect as many signatures and support as possible from everyone. This is very critical for us to prove to all parents and society members that many of us believe that children's safety is our responsibility and not that of the government or the authority.

We humbly invite all of you out there to join us and sign the petition (on line). To those who have signed, thank you from the bottom of our heart for showing your support and concern. Please help to share and spread the petition to your friends and family members so that they can also do their part.  

To sign and show your support for the petition, please click here


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